Jumat, April 20, 2012


MBSS close high 1610 dengan vol diatas vma60
mampukah kapal melewati 1640 dan menuju 1780 1870 dan berlabuh di1940?
support 1550 1580, resiko 1510. semoga laut tenang, melajulah kapalku.
GL and Gbu.
nb:cek ulang tgl dan jam posting


ANTON J mengatakan...

MBSS Placement

Prasatya family has offered 200 million shares with upsize option of 88 million shares or in total representing 16.5% of the issued capital in coal tug boat and barges provider PT Mitrabahtera Segara Sejati Tbk (MBSS) at Rp1,560-Rp1,630 a share.
In the offering structure obtained by The Insider Stories yesterday, PT Patin Resources, owned by Ingrid Ade Sundari Prasatya and Patricia Pratiwi Suwati Prasatya, offered those shares at 6.3%-10.3% discount to the closing level yesterday at Rp1,740 a share.
Patin Resources has mandated CLSA the sole bookrunner for the placement. Those shares will be locked untik 6 months.
Trading and settlement dates are expected on May 4 and May 9 2012.